Review: A Streetcat Named Bob – an emotional rollercoaster

Not your classic rags-to-riches, Roger Spottiswoode‘s latest feature finds hope in all the right places. We sent Anika Vadukul to give us her verdict: 

The term ‘emotional rollercoaster’ has never been more relevant. Drugs + a ginger cat + love = A Street Cat Named Bob.

We are told the true story of James Bowen, a homeless drug addict who is given one last chance when he is placed into housing where he befriends Bob, a very mischievous cat. In this heart-warming comedy James turns his life upside down and inside out. With the help of his furry friend they embark on a sweet journey together which may or may not have made me bawl buckets by the end.

I was not initially going to watch this film, but oh boy am I glad I did. I particularly liked the personal feel of the film; we are positioned as Bob through multiple over-the-shoulder, shaky camera shots, enhancing the picture’s originality and authenticity. One thing that moved me were the relationships James had with those around him; his regretful father, his innocent neighbour Betty and most importantly his feline friend. I won’t give anything away but, especially with his father, the dialogue and interactions appeared downright sad and that really got to me.

‘Reflecting back, this film has definitely made me rethink how homeless individuals are treated’

On his journey, we touch upon the very basics of ‘becoming clean’ and I never realised just how much of an struggle this endeavour is. Luke Treadaway (James) played his character finely and depicted the sensitive issue in a raw, haunting way.

Ending on a light note, the real James Bowen was featured as a cameo role and this brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Reflecting back, this film has definitely made me rethink how homeless individuals are treated. A powerful film. I am a fan.

Anika Vadukul

(Image courtesy of The Independent)

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