Review – Clubs Editor loses his Triple Cooked Virginity

As In The Middle’s supposed go to guy on the Club scene, I’ll start this review with two intertwined apologies. Firstly, until this night, I had never been to Triple Cooked. Secondly, I had never been to The Old Red Bus Station. In the stale state that I’d allowed my third year self to seep into, this event was set to be my new dawn.

Triple Cooked are an events team who have their target market down to a tee. Glowsticks were passed out to excited punters in the queue, whilst bunting was adorned all over the already charming venue. The intricate layout of The Old Red Bus Station, and the avant-garde attitude emanated by the event worked perfectly together.

Upon entry, the first room most of the crowd came across was by the downstairs bar, tucked away next to the smoking area. The small confines flattered the powerful sound system, creating an atmosphere that was so much more than Red Stripe and wall hangings. Jake Adams, the man behind the decks, crafted an eclectic mix ranging from tech house to disco. For someone perhaps towards the bottom of the lineup, he showed the level of quality on show.

The layout of the club, whilst fascinating, became incredibly confusing once most my blood was lager. At one point I mistakenly staggered my way into Room 2, and was greeted with a  total of five people shuffling to what I can only describe as neurofunk remixes of some classic soul tracks. Unsettling.

The main room brought the vibes that Triple Cooked are truly known for, the packed out area full of good vibes and happy people. This may have been my first time at Triple Cooked, but it wont be my last.

Reece Parker

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