The Depop Fix

Sarah Ashford- Brown tells you how to get your shopaholic fix – without leaving your room

@itssophiexo is the perfect seller if you like extremely cheap clothes and going out. Her closet is full of great items, from Topshop to Dr Martens and if you message her, she will most probably reduce her items even more for you.

@edie1234 sells completely new branded items including Lacoste, Puma and Nike for affordable prices, but what I generally go for is his music artists clothes which are dead cheap compared to the same merch you’d find anywhere else. Continuously adding new items such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles  or even the great David Bowie tshirts and jumpers, he is extremely active. A follow would be great not to miss an opportunity!

@hollymolden has the cutest clothes sold for super affordable prices on her Depop page, and pretty much everything is under 25. She presents her items in such a nice way and is so sweet to talk to that you’d want to buy all of it right now. As a new seller on the mobile app, why don’t you just pop in her store and have a look? Great deals for you and it would help her a lot to get her well deserved Depop fame. It’s a win-win.

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