The ethical brands to follow


Fresh, edgy and unique, Monki is a youthful and energetic brand that ensures an ethical code of conduct for its workers as well as being committed to minimising its environmental footprint with their Monki Cares garments. Their motto is all about caring for those who work for them, and ensuring that their material choices are eco-friendly and chemical limited.

Recently Monki set a goal to obtain all their cotton from sustainable sources by 2020. Moreover to show their commitment to recycling, all customers who recycle their old clothes with Monki get 10% off their next purchase.  In their “Monkifesto”, Monki also express their dedication to issues central to women and give voice to debates around periods, body hair, cyber bullying, love and sisterhood, placing female empowerment as a key part of their brand.

Milk it 

Milk It is an ethical recycled and vintage clothing company, available online through companies such as The Ragged Priest, which also aims to reduce its carbon footprint by taking vintage pieces and reworking them. Similar companies which used recycled clothing and materials, and reduce waste include Reclaimed Vintage.


Monsoon are committed to reducing their environmental impact by minimising packaging and waste, and expanding their recycling facilities. They are also supporters of animal welfare and ensure no animals are maltreated in their supply chain. This includes: no use of animal testing, no fur and sustainable use of any and all animal products such as wool.

Other high street stores such as Fat Face also ensure their workers are being treated fairly and make sure the factories that supply their clothing are doing so ethically. Similarly, H&M’s Conscious Collection, a recently launched line from the worldwide company, ensures it only uses completely sustainable resources.

Hope and Ivy 

Bohemian and delicate, Hope and Ivy is perfect for anyone looking for a special occasion piece or just for a lover of embroidery.

Describing itself as a ‘contemporary British fashion brand’, Hope & Ivy uses materials ethically sourced and takes inspiration from all around the world. All the embroideries and prints in the collection are hand-crafted and are overseen to make sure they meet the ethical standards and conduct the company upholds.

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