Top 5: The best things about winter

Love it or loathe it, you can’t deny that there’s just something magical about winter. Hannah Snutch gives a run down of her favourite things about the season.

It’s already started: the bitter cold mornings, dark skies, the endless Snapchat stories documenting snowfall. Winter is truly underway. With 2016 predicted to have the coldest winter in years and the sun laughing at us all as it sets at 4pm leaving us to march through the ice-cold breeze to get home, the only thing that could make it worse would be if Trump were Presi- Oh. Winter might be the time of year when we lose feeling in our fingers and toes, but wrap up warm as here are some positives about those cold winter months we love so dearly.


This is perhaps the best thing about winter. There’s nothing like hearing Michael Bublé on the radio, Christmas lights sparkling on the streets and decorating a Christmas tree to get you in the spirit. The build up to Christmas is a lovely time but there’s nothing more enjoyable than the day itself and those magical days between Christmas and New Year spent enjoying your presents, visiting family and eating all that food that your parents were ‘saving for Christmas’.

2: Big Jumpers

Summer has been and gone so who cares about being ‘beach body ready’? It’s all about the Winter bod now! Whack out those wooly jumpers and toasty knee socks, for now is the time to wear seven layers of clothing whilst indoors with the central heating blazing away and the radiators on full blast. Big jumpers are my saviour, I can hide my food baby bump from last night’s pizza, burger and a fat slice of cake under a nice, cosy jumper. Hurrah!

3: Game of Thrones Quoting

The fun of saying ‘Winter is Coming’. Say it now. Feels good, right? Saying it makes you sound foreboding, prophetic and dramatic, what’s not to love?! Not only are you confirming that you recognise the change in seasons but you are also expressing your interest in a very popular TV series.


Yes, it may be annoying when the floods of Facebook posts and Snapchats come pouring in the minute the snowflakes start to stick. And though we can all just look out our own windows and see it for ourselves rather than being bombarded with it on every social media platform, we can’t deny how magical it is when it snows. Snow makes the journey back and forth to work and university much more beautiful to look at. But I’m sure everyone’s favourite thing about the snow is definitely snowball fights. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of pelting a snowball in one of your dearly beloved friends’ faces.

5: The Sunrise

During those warm summer months, the sun rises rather early for the likes of us; the time we roll out of bed is closer to sunset than sunrise. But for a few frosty months the sun rises later, so for many of us having to drag ourselves, coffee induced, to a 9am lecture we get a stunning sky setting. Normally, such a view is reserved for the early works, birds and the insomniacs.

My point here is that winter may be cold, dark and everyone resembles a zombie on their morning commute but there are some positives. I hope this lists helps you get through the following months because… Winter is Coming.

Hannah Snutch

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