Woman by Justice

Hop on board the boogie train because it’s time to experience disco for the new age. French electro–rock duo Justice are back with their latest offering, Woman. With an impressive blend of instrumentals and vocals from a range of genres, Woman takes its listener on a dance inspired journey on a record which further strengthens Justice’s unique sound.

The album opens with the epic ‘Safe + Sound’, a glorious and euphoric anthem which arguably makes for one of the more exciting opening tracks of 2016. The standard is set high from the beginning and makes for a well-structured album. While each song doesn’t mix with a fade in or cross over as some dance records or mixes tend to opt for, the album was still cohesive.

It’s clear that there are songs which are more radio friendly, mainly those with vocals on such as ‘Randy’ and ‘Alakazam!’. Tracks such as ‘Heavy Metal’ seem to fit in the least, mainly due to its more manic tempo, compared to the rest of the album which manages to blend soft harmonies with electronic voices and smooth disco beats. ‘Close Call’ is an apt way to end Woman. While it is not as gripping as ‘Safe + Sound’, it neatly rounds off what is otherwise a pleasant Nu-Disco experience.

While the album may not resonate with those who enjoy a more lyrical record, Justice manage to further affirm their status as a unique musical act.

The uplifting sounds make it hard for anyone to not get up, dance and express their love and gratitude for this exciting album.

Mark McDougall

(Image: iTunes)

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