Seeing double: Hyde Park’s Sainsbury’s situation

A new Sainsbury’s supermarket opened on the 1st December on Royal Park Road, only 0.2 miles away from the 24 hour Sainsbury’s on Brudenell Road.

The Brudenell Road ‘Sainos’ has become a student institution, dominating the student-packed Hyde Park area when it comes to big supermarket brands.

Which leads nicely on to the question: “why?”. Was one branch not enough? The opening has led to speculation over whether the Brudenell Road branch will be shutting down, or whether buying  the property for their newer, bigger supermarket was done simply to protect a lucrative monopoly.

This is the 21st Sainsbury’s branch to open in the Leeds area, as well as four in Bradford and Pudsey.

The Royal Park Road branch has its own bakery section and a much wider variety of stock. There have been reports that the Brudenell Road Sainsbury’s is one of the most expensive in the UK and when comparing a few items of stock, it looks like the Royal Park Road branch is equally as pricey. Should have been a Tesco…

The new branch is open every day from 7am until 11pm.


Polly Hatcher

(Image: Rupert Lloyd)

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