The 4 Best Puffer Jackets

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December is Cold. December in Leeds is especially cold. Despite years of battling our parents throughout high school, adamant that we didn’t need a coat, I think it’s time that we finally accept that a good winter coat is a necessity. Students of Leeds are in luck, for the somewhat historically mocked Puffer coat, likened to the Michelin man amongst other characters, is back in fashion. Warm, practical and cosy, here are our top four best buys, from budget binding to bank breaking:


Missguied – £17.50

Satin and chic, this puffer won’t put you too far in your overdraft, but will provide the winter warmth you need.


Urban Outfitters – £75

This infamous green jacket is a Leeds staple, With its own Instagram @thatpuffa, this jacket has taken campus by storm.


Zara – £29.99

In Festive red, this jacket is a winter essential for brightening up your wardrobe.


Ivy Park at Topshop – £110

if you’ve got more money to spend, head over ot the Ivy Park range at Topshop for this winter warmer.

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