The Depop Christmas Edition

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Do It Yourself This Christmas

Christmas is coming and, like most students, you spent your monthly allowance on drinks during a night out. Now you’re completely broke and you haven’t bought anything for your ‘clothes’ friends and family. Do not worry, you don’t have to follow the trends, your can create your own. This week’s top picks will help you re-use old items you do not want anymore and give them a new life by styling them, which will create vintage pieces for your bestie.

@flailingflo sells lots of different types of patches and can make great offers, but her best selling product is her ”second lucky dip” which contains five surprise patches for £4, which will have minor imperfections. She has been selling on the app for  over two years and she was ranked 24 best seller worldwide by Depop a few weeks ago.

@handmadeclothingforyou has some super indie patches to sell which will make your heart melt, a few examples would be the ‘feminist’ or the ‘vegan’ patches.

@shopwildviolet is an actual online shop that you can find online but which also sells on Depop adorable patches. In the same style, you should also have a look at @hellaarad ‘s page (which was already mentionned in the ‘homewear’ top 3 depop sellers) but who also sells cute and girly patches.

Time for good presents

Wether it is for your boyfriend/girlfriend or any of your favourite person ever, here are great sellers who have the best presents you could ever find.

Unique cards

You’re more of a Christmas cards person and you want to avoid paperchase and get something more personal for bae…

@loljms is the one for you! Pokemon and pug lover, Jedi or hipster, everyone will be satisfied.

@fabricate also has crazy cards which will defo please anyone, a great seller making hilarious memes cards!

Stocking fillers

You were too busy giving your last essays on time and forgot to find stocking fillers/Secret Santa presents for your friends? Got what you need:

@takeawest has a lot to sell. But my all time favs are the socks sold on her Depop: the most original socks that you could ever find and they are cheaaaappp. I’m telling you, if someone got some for me, I’d never put shoes on again.

@bestplayever is for anyone who loves little presies, selling cool badges, fun cards and crazy stickers. Perfectr to decorate/customise rooms, clothes or computers.

@miafelce has a mad amount of stationery with inspirational quotes, such as notebooks, frames images etc.

@abinagendram is simply a bonus, just because it is an amazing idea. ‘Stuck in a reading rut? Go on a blind date with a book plus find a gem you wouldn’t have found otherwise.’ Visit her page and you’ll understand. Super original and at the moment she is doing special Christmas orders: you won’t even need to wrap them.

Well deserved presents

This is for your real soulmate, your best friend who’s still at home or that is on the opposite side of the country that you miss dearly, or simply because it’s your bae forever.

@nataliemichelle does handmade pieces of dream, with her elegant pijama sets, bralets and lingerie designs. These will be good presents for affordable prices.

@spangledgalz is literally the seller you absolutely need to purchase from if you have a real rave events or festival goer friend: the sparkliest Depop you’ll find since she only sells glitter for affordable prices, great for festivities. All the product are tested on herself and are guaranteed to make you happy.

@davi3ss is a fashion princess and sells beautiful glasses for cheap. These are for anyone who always wanted glasses as a fashion accessory.

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