Tampons don’t Grow on Christmas Trees

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LUU are running a campaign to collection donations of sanitary products for those who can’t afford them this Christmas time.

The ‘san-i-tree’, featuring vulva inspired Christmas baubles, is based outside Essentials  and tomorrow there will also be a stall for those who wish to donate sanitary products to St Aidan’s homeless charity, Leeds South Foodbank and Leeds East Foodbank.

31006316010_e0838cfb06_oThey are encouraging people to buy their donations from Essentials, where sanitary products are now sold at cost-price.

Those who donate will be entered in to a raffle with a chance of winning a luxury hamper.

They will also be urging students to sign a petition calling on the government to abolish the tampon tax.

31339159596_d7def6cc66_oThe campaign and ‘san-i-tree’ are aimed at making the issue of the cost of sanitary products more visible and openly discussed. Many people this Christmas time, including many homeless, will have to make a choice between buying food and buying sanitary products.

Equality and Diversity Officer, Emma Healey, said: “Sanitary products are a necessity which everyone should have equal access to. Those who are homeless should not be faced with the difficult decision of whether to have food or sanitary products.

“We will continue to support campaigns which may lead to alleviating this issue, and we hope to see more donations such as this take place in the city.”

Jess Reed, LUU Welfare Officer, said: “No one should have to face humiliation and embarrassment because they cannot afford sanitary products, which is why we are donating them to homeless charities and shelters across Leeds.

“It is so important that we continue to raise awareness of this issue and of the tampon tax more generally, to strengthen the existing campaign to remove the ‘tampon tax’ in UK.

Jessica Murray

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