Single Review: ‘Make Me (Cry)’ by Noah Cyrus

While Hannah Montana fans know Noah from her small appearances in the Disney Channel show, most, only discovered their family link since her debut single. But this isn’t her first time recording as she sang the theme song for Ponyo in 2009.

Noah, 16, has certainly benefitted from her older sister’s fame with her music video already reaching more than 7.7 million views. Indeed, the Cyrus family has always been in the music industry with daddy and his ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, her older brother and his band Metro Station, and Miley, the one we never forget. In fact, she has recently been very active politically, supporting Sanders and Clinton, acting as a judge in The Voice, planning her wedding with Liam Hemsworth, and promoting her charity, the Happy Hippie Foundation. With Noah not being very present in the spotlight, like the other more quiet members of the family, Tish and Brandi Cyrus, no one really expected the little one to follow Miley’s footsteps.

Although the singer is constantly compared to her sister, it is not for the worse. Indeed, Miley receives a lot of extremist and contradictive opinions, a love-hate relationship to her way of expressing herself. With her crazy and revealing outfits and provocating behaviour and music videos, Noah is a real contrast. ‘Make Me (Cry)’, featuring Labrinth, is set in an extremely simple environment, no attempt to shock, but more to step aside and make herself known as Noah, not Miley’s sister. Their voices being very similar, as well as the way they look, this first video is made very cleverly to have both audiences on her side. The apartment, the white t-shirt, and the natural makeup immediately give an idea of innocence and purity. Miley’s haters cannot disapprove this one due to the difference.

The feature of Labrinth is also a good way to gain popularity through the already well known English singer who also produced this music video.

The very simple melody immediately catches our attention, with a very quiet start demonstrating Noah’s singing. The repetition of the tune doesn’t get in the way of additions such as the change of rhythms and sounds, and the two voices matching perfectly, giving great harmonies making the song unique.

It is an excellent start for the young singer, which I am looking forward to hearing more from.

Sarah Ashford-Brown

Image: PPcom

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