Review – Pretty Pretty Good w/ Byron the Aquarius at Wire

Mid-week events for electronic enthusiasts have not been hard to come by for the people of Leeds. With Wire seeing the likes of Hodge, Minor Science, Peggy Gou and DJ October throughout first semester.

Al Zanders started the night enthusiastically by building up an atmosphere for a relatively packed Wire basement. The crowd was forced to get dancing to some exceptional disco tracks such as ‘Tiger Stripes by Felix’, before transitioning into house, bringing in his own track ‘Dexter’s Morning’.

Byron the Aquarius talked to Wire earlier in the week about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama in the 80/90s and the influence he was given by upcoming hip-hop artists such as De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast.

Byron really proved his eclectic range and his fun pumping character, which helped get the crowd going, and led to a wide range of music being showcased. He exhibited his knowledge throughout the night by mixing effortlessly between hip hop tracks like ‘One’ by Ghostkilah Face into jazz house numbers. The track of the night, however had to be Crackazat’s ‘What You’re Feeling’, with no one in the Wire basement stood still.

He proved he had no fear in his set and the variety of his taste, by bringing in tracks such as ‘Deep Inside’ by Hardrive, one which has been sampled and used on countless occasions.

Pretty Pretty Good have really set the bar this semester for mid-week events at Wire. Both have been been spot on for line up and promotion, and have been real stand out events of first semester. I very much look forward to what they do next.

Owen Ellicott

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