Trinity in UK’s biggest mannequin challenge attempt

Trinity Leeds shopping centre is to attempt the UK’s biggest mannequin challenge, inviting everyone from families to office workers to don their best Christmas Jumper and strike – and hold – a pose In Trinity Kitchen this Friday.

Trinity will be hoping to publicly usurp its closest shopping rival, Manchester, which is currently believed to hold the enviable title after 200 passengers and crew on a flight from Manchester airport to Banjul, Gambia, were filmed frozen in their seats.

The viral video craze began in American high schools, and requires people to briefly adopt a dramatic, motionless pose. Notable participants include Adele and Hillary Clinton, who found time to pause on US Election Day for the stunt.

Dan Wharton, marketing manager at Trinity Leeds, said: “We’ve seen just how popular the Mannequin Challenge has been on social media and we want to raise the bar.

“Everyone can get involved – from shoppers and office workers to mums, dads and children. Just come down to Trinity Kitchen at 10am on Friday, December 16 and strike a pose.

While Trinity hasn’t commented upon a charitable cause (the challenge on the flight from Manchester reportedly raised £160 for the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity), it does have its own unique twist:

“Don’t forget to wear your best festive outfit as we’re hosting the record attempt on National Christmas Jumper Day.”

Most will find that childhood games of musical statues have provided ample practice, and may revive this much under utilised skill by heading to Trinity Kitchen at 10am on Friday, December 16.

Sarah Berry

(Image: Trinity Leeds)

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