Hyde Park regular Bernard ‘Brian’ Davey death confirmed

It has been confirmed that Bernard Davey, a homeless man and familiar face to many in Hyde Park, has passed away. 

Many knew him as Brian, an elderly man who was often in his wheelchair outside the 24 hour Sainsbury’s on Brudenell Road in Hyde Park.

He was often singing outside Sainsbury’s and used to be a well known folk singer. His music has been uploaded to YouTube and can be listened to here.

Jonny Walker, a busker, did an impromptu performance with Bernard last New Year’s Eve in the centre of Leeds. 

The video was seen by over two and a half million people. Upon hearing about the death of Bernard, Jonny Walker posted on Facebook: “On New Year’s Eve last year I was joined by vulnerably housed Bernard, who had been a well-known folk musician in his time”.

He went on to say: “I’m glad that Bernard’s wonderful voice, remarkably intact after years of self-abuse, was able to be shared with so many people.

“RIP Bernard. Our thoughts are with you, your loved ones, and all the many other ‘Bernards’ who are suffering at this time.”


Polly Hatcher

(Image: The Metro)

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