Review – Chill Withers at Assembly House

Assembly House is an ever intriguing venue: the sort of place that when you first visit, you want to tell everyone you know about it but fear that it could lose out on the avant-garde uniqueness that it extolls.

Luckily that’s not going to be the case, as the venue has been up and running for over three years now facilitating various gigs, charity events and art exhibitions. It’s located near Mabgate, possibly the most edgy corner of our infamously edgy city and henceforth a perfect location for an event by Tight Lines.


The group are an LS6-based independent record label, who came together with visual art collective Melt Trip last Friday night. The three bands on the line-up: GRACIE, Têtes de Pois and Sumochief didn’t disappoint. GRACIE was a beautiful ensemble reminiscent of bands like Hiatus Kaiyote with bluesy vocals performed by Grace Convert that had an Amy Winehouse reminisce.

Têtes de Pois followed suit in the theme of neo-soul but with strong afro-beat influences provided by their two saxophonists and trumpet player. Sumochief concluded with a progressive jam-like set (strong use of the cow bells) which had the entire room cheering them on and grooving. But the night didn’t end there as Soul Control’s DJ Albert took to the decks to carry on the party atmosphere with their repertoire of funk, soul and disco.


I’d strongly recommend keeping an eye out for further events by Tight Lines. The quality of the performances as well as the chill arty feel is sure to secure their place as one of Leeds’ most interesting, alternative music collectives.

I was especially impressed with Melt Trip’s accompaniment of two clear plates covered in water resistant paint and oil and an old school projector, which gave the feeling of being a psychedelic music video.

When I was kindly offered a go at spinning the plates I asked the group what their inspiration was. They told me: “escapism”. Groovy.

Hannah Pezzack

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