Review – Matthew Herbert at Distrikt

Distrikt is an interesting venue. If you’ve been to the 212 Café and Hifi it falls somewhere in between, keeping the feel-good attitude of Hifi with the relaxed and matured approach of 212.

Their decision to make the event free entry, as they always do, means the crowd varies from teenage ravers to men in their 40s in suits and everything in between, which really is the beauty of Distrikt. The staff also deserve to be mentioned in their ability to make sure the venue doesn’t become too packed, while also keeping the queue to a minimum.

Within the electronic music scene Matthew Herbert is an absolute cult hero, famous for making music in some of the most unusual ways, taking sounds from everyday objects and producing tracks which were eccentric, and just straight up different to anyone else during the late 90s.

The set was fun and energetic, and Herbert gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. He has produced countless stunning tracks which he showcased throughout the night, including his Tasteful Dub remix of Moloko’s – ‘Sing it Back’, his remix of Louie Austen’s ‘Hoping’ and his very own work of I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard).

The crowd, who seemed to have been fans of Herbert from the 90s, really appreciated this chance to see him play a set with complete freedom. We saw this throughout the night as he displayed all the sides of the 90s. The mixing, however, was below a standard expected of his talent, and his decision to finish his set with Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On could be seen as a negative. The older generation though could not have been more pleased with his set.

I went to see Matthew Herbert and that is what I got. We didn’t get a DJ trying to please everyone and impress promoters, we got a DJ who was doing it for himself and his fans appreciated this.

Owen Ellicott


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