Kat’s Dry January Diary (or Dry-ary) for Brain Tumour Research


Name: Kat

Age: 23

Studying: Just graduated from an MA in English Literature

Occupation: Barmaid

LUU Societies: The Gryphon, SwingSoc, Jazz and Blues

Drink of choice: Pint of cider in the pub, glass of red wine at home.


Why go dry?

My reasons for giving up alcohol for a month in 2017 are threefold. Firstly, like many of us, I over-indulged in the booze as well as the food over the Christmas period. The combination of no more work, general festive spirit and unfettered access to my parents’ well-stocked and high quality liquor supplies has recently led to more than one excruciating hangover, so my liver and my head could really do with some time off of their own. Secondly, I ended up spending far more money than I perhaps should have done on presents for my nearest and dearest and am currently feeling the pinch from more than just the chilly winter climate. Thirdly, and most importantly, January 1st 2017 marks not only the start of this Dry-ary, but the 6 month anniversary of my father’s death from a malignant brain tumour. So when my stepmum challenged me and my sister to take on Dry January in our Dad’s honour, with a generous promise to match whatever total we raise in donations, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!


Potential challenges

  • Birthdays of two very close friends of mine.
  • Burns Night – a holiday always celebrated in my family with a whisky-filled knees up.
  • Working in a bar means constant exposure to tempting beverages.
  • Society pub trips after lessons/rehearsals make a casual pint fairly habitual.


Potential perks

  • This ain’t my first rodeo: in September 2015 I successfully completed a Dryathlon for Cancer Research UK. If I can survive a sober Freshers Week, I can surely do anything!
  • No exams – don’t hate me too much! I’ve had plenty in my time, believe me, but having graduated in December I am free of exam week stress.
  • With any luck my complexion, waistline, sleeping patterns (ha), energy levels and general fitness will improve (HA). Unless of course I just end up swapping a glass of wine for half a packet of chocolate biscuits each time.
  • Most importantly, raising funds for Brain Tumour Research.


So, last night I raised a glass to bid this year goodbye and good riddance before starting my month’s free trial of Team Teetotal membership.


Wish me luck!


Kathryn Kaiser

(Image: SheKnows)

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