LUU Light Cafe: helping you through exams

From free drinks to yoga, LUU is here to support you through your exams.

After the Christmas break students are coming back to Leeds to face the January exams. For some the weeks of fresh laundry, clean dishes and cooked dinner back home has come to an end and the 24-hour Sainsbury’s will once again be full of students consoling themselves with revision treats. This period can be a very challenging and stressful one, especially while the long nights and cold Yorkshire weather persists.

However, your Union is here to deliver solace and give your wellbeing a boost during this difficult period. Once again the Student Light Café will be here to provide you with an alternate revision space. The Light Café will take place in the Level 2 Union meeting rooms and there will be separate spaces for revising and relaxing. There will be free hot drinks to help energise you for the revision ahead. The space will be a quiet area where you can work in a peaceful, mindful environment. Alongside the revision and relaxation spaces there are free workshops run in conjunction including meditation, yoga and gardening. All these are designed to boost your wellbeing during the revision period with energising breaks.

The Light Café is being run in partnership with the Lumie lights company who are providing a range of their SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lights. This range of lights is specifically designed to energise users and improve their mood during the dark and cold winter period. The lights “provide summer levels of bright light to treat SAD, lift mood, boost concentration and restore natural energy. SAD and energy lights are designed for use at work, at home and when travelling.” However, you don’t need to have any experience of SAD to benefit from using a Lumie light. Rachel Menzies, third year English Literature and Language student at Leeds, was given the chance to take a Lumie light home for the holidays to help her holiday revision. For Rachel the light “kept me energised throughout the day which helped me to stay focused rather than drifting off”. To follow Rachel’s Lumie experience more closely check out her tweets through #leedslightcafe.

Lumie are also running a competition during the Light Café which offers you the chance to win a Lumie Desklamp (RRP £120). To enter you simply have to take a selfie of yourself and your favourite lamp in either the revision or relaxation room and upload it to Twitter tagging Lumie (@Lumie_lights) and using #leedslightcafe.

There are so many reasons to use the Light Café as an alternative revision space to the libraries on campus or your student home. The space will provide a caring environment which is designed to aid your revision period, using equipment specifically designed to energise you and improve your mood. Come and find us and discover the benefits of the Student Advice Centre’s Light Café.

The Light Café will be running from 9th-19th January in the Level 2 Union meeting rooms from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on the weekends.

If you have any difficulties which may impact on your studies then you need to submit mitigating circumstances before you sit your exam.

If your exams don’t go according to plan or you have any concerns contact the Student Advice Centre in person, via phone or via email.

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