Review: Sully – filled with remarkable tension

The story of the miracle on the Hudson is one of the most extraordinary in aviation history. This film tells the story of US Airways Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s involvement in the forced water landing of flight 1549 and its aftermath. It is the work of legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood; it is safe to say that he has done it again. Despite knowing the story Sully is filled with remarkable tension.

‘Despite knowing the story Sully is filled with remarkable tension’

Eastwood achieves this on edge feeling all the way to the final credits by a handful of excellent directorial tricks. One that jumps out in particular is his use of flashbacks, although the audience is being shown almost the exact same 208 seconds regarding the crash at multiple points it seems fresh every time. Another is a dry colour pallet, this sounds like a negative, but leads to a grounded movie.

Sully is played by Tom Hanks, who as you would expect, does not put a foot wrong. He is superb in the role, and gives an incredibly emotional performance. Aaron Eckhart, of The Dark Knight fame, plays Jeff Skiles, the copilot. His presence is key; he truly captures the friendship between him and Sully.

‘Tom Hanks, as you would expect, does not put a foot wrong’

The special effects are also astounding, with first-rate sound design, both helping to transport viewers into the cockpit of flight 1549, the surface of the Hudson River and the skyline of New York. The cinematography of Tom Stern is incredibly effective, the use of still shots combined with the odd use of handheld camera aiding the realism of the events taking place. A short running time leads to a compact thrill ride that’s not overly long or boring.

James Berman

(Image courtesy of Warner Bros) 

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