Edward Boyle cafe to be renamed following battle with Hyde Park Book Club

The Leeds University has announced that they will change the name of the newly opened cafe in Edward Boyle library, The Book Club, following a dispute with local venue Hyde Park Book Club over the name.

A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “The University is committed to helping create a supportive environment for local businesses and community ventures where possible. With this in mind, and following feedback over recent days, we have spoken again to the owner of the Hyde Park Book Club and have agreed to change the name of the café at the University’s Edward Boyle Library. We will now consider alternative names for the café.

“Our relationship with the local community is of fundamental importance to us and we are always prepared to listen to local concerns.”

Many claimed that the naming of The Book Club undermined the branding of local venue Hyde Park Book Club and the co-owner, Jack Simpson, worried that the similar names would cause confusion.

Simpson told The Gryphon: “Everybody at Hyde Park Book Club was humbled by, and would like to express our gratitude for the overwhelming support of the community, customers, students, lecturers, and administrative staff at the University, as well as the excellent neutral coverage by Uni media such as The Gryphon and LSR. We would also like to express sincere thanks to the University itself, for taking on board our and others’ concerns.”

The opening of the new cafe in Edward Boyle caused debate among students, staff and locals, with some claiming they didn’t see an issue, and others calling the branding pure plagiarism.

Joseph Moore, a Leeds based musician,  called for a boycott of the new cafe until it changed its name. He stated that “it is a shame to see such creative independent branding being so obviously imitated by such a large organisation.”

The new cafe in Edward Boyle provides high quality coffee roast, commissioned by craft roasters Dark Woods Coffee, as well as a variety of healthy snacks and pizza.

Polly Hatcher

[Image: North Leeds Life Magazine]

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