ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Why getting dressed doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Long gone are the days when you could wake up fifteen minutes before school, throw on your uniform and run for the bus in a speedy manner. Sure, the constraints of uniforms are gone, but there is a new headache every morning: what to wear?

Who doesn’t understand the perpetual ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma? Your wardrobe may be full but your mind certainly isn’t. When the only thing on your mind is an early morning lecture, you don’t want to be dawdling and staring sightlessly into the depths of your jeans pile.

To sort that out for you, here are styling tips to make choosing outfits easier!

1. Always have basics – in neutrals

With the rise of ‘the capsule wardrobe,’ everybody’s banging on about basics in your wardrobe. It might get aggravating, but it’s not untrue. A pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, basic trainers. These kinds of things will always make it easier because they go with everything. Look out for items in neutral colours. Basically, if you’re running out of ideas, do it simply.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-22-01-202. Black is the new black

Colours come and go, but black is a constant. Out of ideas? All-black it is!


3. Colour blocking 

Continuing on from the all-black theme: wear a one colour outfit. If you have two items in the same colour, you’re sorted!


4. Re-use that item!

Unlike a celebrity, you are not being watched and therefore can wear an item of clothing more than once. Use this to your advantage, because one piece can be styled in many ways, especially for different weather.


5. Add a pop of colour

Wear something simple, add something colourful. Simple equation to make something interesting! Do this through accessories or jackets.


6. Match, don’t mix

Much like a monochrome look, this is about picking out an item then matching it with something similar, colour wise. Blue jeans with a jacket that has pops of blue, for example, or following the pattern on a jacket to trousers.


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