You Me At Six @ Key Club, 11/1/17

Disguised under the pseudonym of The Underdogs, a name any fan could decode in under a second, Surrey rockers, You Me At Six, decided to play a secret show at the Key Club to celebrate the release of their new album.

They were almost an hour late letting us inside, but seeing them in a tiny capacity venue was thrilling and I quickly forgot about that mishap.

Opening with a crowd pleaser, ‘Save it For the Bedroom’, a song they haven’t played in years, everyone was immediately ecstatic. After ten years of being a band, You Me At Six have a lot of material to cover, but they did it well, dishing out favourites from all albums as well as some from the new album which had never been played before.

Of course, the gig wasn’t complete without endless ‘Yorkshire’ chants. Even the band themselves instigated two of them. The energy was relentless and although running out of time, the sheer passion and euphoria within the room kept the Key Club open an extra thirty minutes, allowing them to play hits including ‘Bite My Tongue’ and the title track from the new album Night People. Every song was played with a vibrancy that the crowd emitted in return.

This is a band I’ve been nine times live. Each time it’s refreshing. I’ve seen bands more than once and left feeling eh because they had nothing new to offer. But each time I see You Me At Six it’s different. They know how to grow and create something new every time they grace the stage. If you haven’t seen You Me At Six live, or listened to ‘Night People’ yet, I highly recommend you do.

Paige Johnston

Image: Headliner

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