Preview: The Fall @ Belgrave, 25/2/17

The Fall, or at least their ever-present frontman Mark E Smith, are testament to persistence, longevity, and sticking two fingers up at the prospect of ageing. Thirty-nine years after releasing their first record in 1979, Smith and his umpteenth backing band are headlining the Belgrave Music Hall.

Bordering on 60, Smith’s live shows are notorious for their unpredictability. The Fall’s cult followers chase him around the country, in the hope that they will see one of the magic performances where everything falls into place. Despite the gamble this represents, the insecurity of the affair makes it all the more alluring. Smith’s mercurial nature means that any minute he may turn around and quit touring any second, and The Fall will be no more, so the opportunity to perhaps see one of his majestic performances cannot be missed.

The Fall play at the Belgrave Music Hall on 24th February. Tickets are available from the below link.

John Hardy

Image: Louder Than War

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