Georgia Pine by Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels’ Georgia Pine is a two finger “fuck you” to anyone that says guitar music is dead. Every minute from the slow pine of ‘Susie’ to the adrenalin pumping ‘Guns’ oozes Kings of Leon-esque allure.

Forget slows introductions, ‘Low’ launches you into a riff-tastic chorus that sets the precedent for the rest of the EP. Wearing their influences on their sleeve, the vocals are almost identical those of Caleb Followill but somehow avoid sounding like a karaoke performance and instead end up the crowning jewel of the album. Equally as impressive is the production on the EP that particularly shines through on the slower numbers ‘Susie’ and ‘Georgia Pine’.

The only fault of the EP is how fast it slips through your fingers. You just want there to always be 5 more songs and as you are get serenaded in the stunning ‘Getaway Man’ (and believe me it is STUNNING) it’s hard not to get an overwhelming feeling of sadness that there’s only one song.

Just as you think the EP couldn’t get any better the potential number 1 ‘Guns’ fills you with hope that one day Broken Witt Rebels might actually break through into the mainstream. The tune could have easily been a Kings of Leon hit and I have to say is better than most songs off WALLS. As the final guitar riffs ring out you are left fully satisfied by a band who I hope will ‘make it’ someday soon.

Georgia Pine proves that this Brummy band have the potential to release a truly magnificent album. All that’s left to say is get down to Brudenell Social Club on the 16th of March to see them live.

Ben Roberts

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