Local Leeds: Milk of Magnesia by Jellyskin

On the 19th of January, local Leeds psych trio, Jellyskin, released their much anticipated single, ‘Milk of Magnesia’. Complete of vocalist/keyboardist, Zia, drummer, Olly and Guitarist, Will, the band’s new track is a perfect example of why this is a trio that are becoming one of the most unique bands to come out of Leeds at the moment. Utterly enticing, ‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a dreamy track that is enough to send anyone into a trippy world of their own. With the hazy repetitive tempo, rhythmic drums and hypnotic guitar riffs, the song embodies the band’s modern psychedelic vibes. With guitarist Will taking lead on vocals, the track gives us an insight into Jellyskin’s potential; they are a band with many layers, and with Jellyskin still being in their infancy, we can look forward to seeing the band explore these layers as they provide us with more psychedelic snippets of bliss. Accompanied by Zia’s enchanting vocals, ‘Milk of Magnesia’ shows the band’s musical capabilities as their sound becomes increasingly unique and endearingly bewitching.

Sarah Oglesby

(Image: Jellyskin)

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