Solardo Sessions at the Faversham 21/01

On Saturday, Canal Mills presented house-tech duo Solardo as they took The Faversham by storm as part of their nationwide tour. Best known for hits such as Tribesmen and The Spot, their set went down a treat. Their carefully made song selections made sure the hyped up crowd’s energy lasted all night long.

The Faversham is a venue that takes the word intimate to a whole new level. The audience’s bodies were packed together on the dancefloor as they moved in sync to the techno, disco and balearic beats supplied by the duo. Though this sense of closeness was no surprise as the night was a sell out, with a high demand for more tickets from eager party people.

Smiles were placed upon every glitter donned face as songs they recognised played. The image of pure enjoyment among fans as these crowd pleasers played must be the image every DJ hopes to create. The crowds reaction to Solardo’s hit The Aztecs was a particular highlight, as everyone came together to sing along in anticipation for the groovy drop that the boys never fail to supply.

Grace Kyne

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