Good Life: The Mad Hatter’s Mansion at Beaver Works 27/01

Good Life rolled into Beaver Works again with a promise of heavy tunes and bright decorations, courtesy of their ‘Mad Hatter’ theme. Despite the curious delay in releasing the line-up the event sold out rapidly, proving the strength of the brand the team have built in a relatively short time. The night was set to deliver, and whilst the crowd waited in the inevitable Beaver Works queues, we all hoped that it would be a night of maddened fun.

No Good Life review can go without comment on the decor. The organisers went all out with this theme, for example the teacup chairs scattered around the venue. These were brilliant to drunken revellers, but as I’d rushed through pre-drinks, my slightly more sober eye was a bit more questioning towards their shoddy make up and questionable hygiene.

The main attraction however was the Fun House. With an entrance fee of £2.50, and queues of up to fifteen minutes, this turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Couple this with the queue causing crushes, many of the crowd were understandably frustrated.

Despite there being little room to queue for the main attraction, Good Life made good use of the space by placing different genres in different rooms. Benny Page and Benton were personal highlights, laying down the jungle and dubstep that Leeds craves every weekend. Benny Page’s ‘Champion Sound’ was the tune of the night, despite being rinsed through every party from Canal Mills to the terraces of Hyde Park it still got pulses racing.

TWOGOOD were another class act to urge the tiring crowd to carry on dancing, providing the kind of quality they have brought so many times over in this city. Movement’s takeover was also nice surprise, their rapid growth in Leeds nicely recognized by the comparative giant which is Good Life.

Hulya Erzurumlu

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