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Now featured as one of 2016’s new wave of ice cream makers and amongst the “Fresh Pickings” in the Sunday Times Food Magazine, Northern Bloc has evolved from selling scoops out of a vintage ice cream van at street food and artisan food events into a much larger, successful ice cream producer. The Leeds-based start-up now has an office and manufacturing unit in Armley, and supplies restaurants, theatres and as of recent, 80+ Co-op stores across the north. Luckily for us, their great-tasting, 100% natural ice cream can even be found around the UoL campus as two members of the Northern Bloc team are UoL graduates!


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What lifts Northern Bloc above other ice cream producers, such as the global brands Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs and Carte Dor, is that the ice cream is all natural, free from artificial ingredients, gluten-free and low in fats and sugars. Vegans can even enjoy the 2 sorbets on offer, which are free from any animal products. The recipe has been developed over ten years to create an indulgent yet pure product. They also believe their competitive advantage arises by virtue of their chef, who scientifically devises each flavour. Ranging from Strawberry & Black Pepper to Raspberry & Sorrel, each maintains a traditional touch, yet embodies an innovative, modern twist. He is described as not only a ‘true ice cream expert’ but an ‘ice cream World Champion’ with an inherited expertise from his father and grandfather before him.

On a personal note, my freezer is now entirely full with tubs of it. Having been delivered 10 tubs direct to my door, my flatmates and I did a taste test. Our favourites ranged from Black Treacle to the Strawberry and Black Pepper which had an authentic and fruity strawberry taste with a slightly spicy kick afterwards.

Finally, an ice cream that is equally as delicious as it is natural, and it is great.

Have a look at their website and get involved!

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