Preview: Yussef Kamaal @ Belgrave, 25/3/17

If you haven’t already heard the sweet sweet sounds of Yussef Kamaal, get them in your earholes quick sharp. The pair, Yussef Dayes and Kamaal Williams (a.k.a. Henry Wu) have had little formal musical training. This is especially hard to believe when watching recordings of their live performances, as the pair have a certain mastery over their instruments that demands attention and wonder. However, this less conventional approach to learning an instrument has allowed them a greater freedom and scope in composing their music, which comes particularly from their musical tastes, ranging from Thelonious Monk to Kaidi Tatham. Their smooth jazz isn’t the finger-clicking, black polo neck-wearing, head-bobbling kind, but a far more inclusive and captivating strain that you simply can’t ignore.

Catch Yussef Kamaal at Belgrave Music Hall on March 25th. Be quick – this one’s almost sold out!

Jemima Skala

Image: Worldwide FM

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