‘This Old Dog’ and ‘My Old Man’ by Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco has released two songs from his new album out on May 5th . The songs ‘My Old Man’ and the title track ‘This Old Dog’ are a break away from the sound of previous full length album Salad Days (2014) and his mini album Another One (2015).

The summer daze of Mac Demarco still remains in these two songs but acoustic guitar and synthesisers have replaced the twang of the electric guitar we are used to in such songs as ‘Salad Days’. With this becomes a more self reflective and reminiscent tone particularly with the lyrics “Oh no looks like I’m seeing more of my old man in me” and “This old dog ain’t about to forget”.

Mac Demarco can be wrongly overlooked as a chain smoking prankster, yet lyrically, Mac is capable of combining both wit and sensitivity into songs, a quality that makes him such a talented musician. These singles merely demonstrate Mac’s ability to transition into a more serious tone as opposed to solely writing about his favourite brand of cigarettes.

Phoebe Berman

(Image: Earbuddy)

Listen to the new tracks below. 

If you need a bit more Mac in your life, watch the Pitchfork documentary Pepperoni Playboy, also below.

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