‘How Can I Compete’ by The Magic Gang

Airing live on Radio 1, The Magic Gang are back with a hot new single and promises of new EP “at some point in April”. ‘How Can I Compete’ dropped on Monday evening and, with its rapturous pep and seaside sway, it’s living up to its new title as MistaJam’s Hottest Record. 

Opening with a zesty earworm hook, the track bubbles with a sugar-rush bounce that has become synonymous with The Magic Gang’s feel-good sound. With its buoyant pep, ‘How Can I Compete’ is a signature MG track, encapsulating the Brighton boys’ upbeat, yet slightly melancholic, 50s vibes. Although the lyrics are far from ground-breaking, Jack Kaye’s raw vocals express meaning and feeling transcendent of the lines he’s singing, infusing the jaunty feel-good track with heartfelt lament.

This is the first of The Magic Gang’s tunes to be released on Yala! Records, as well as the first taste of their next upcoming EP. “It’s an alien feeling to hear it back in this environment” Kaye expresses to MistaJam with smile in his voice, after the single aired across the UK on Radio 1. Despite their history of filling festival tents and headlining sold out tours where fans frequently sing back lyrics to songs that haven’t even been released yet, it’s clear The Magic Gang are only just getting started. When asked about the prospect of a debut LP, Kaye teased that they have “too many songs to put on a 10-track record” and still need time to choose. 

With their mammoth UK Tour and a promising EP on the horizon, it’s exciting times for everyone’s favourite gang. Be sure experience their magic at Live At Leeds on 27th of April.

Meg Firth

(Image: DIY)

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