LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: The Gryphon has to diversify

James is running to be Gryphon Editor, here are his views on how the paper can improve.

It may only seem like a small change, a minor detail barely worth shouting about, but the introduction of regular surveys and outreach initiatives conducted by The Gryphon is a vital policy. The Gryphon is a remarkable organisation; it has the capacity to connect with students in a meaningful way, inform them of the issues most relevant to them, and give those students a platform to be heard. But, we can only achieve this potential if The Gryphon makes the conscious effort to reach out to its readers, to ask not just what you would like to read, but what do you want from your newspaper?

The benefits to all-round newspaper circulation go without saying. If The Gryphon listens to its readers and produces content accordingly, students will be more likely to pick up a copy. We all want to read what matters to us. However, there is a more important and ultimately more ambitious goal here, and it has to do with diversity. It is no secret that The Gryphon is severely lacking in BME writers and editors, as well as Trans editors, and members of other marginalised groups. Despite the paper’s best efforts, this is something that has remained true for some time, and frankly it’s unsurprising. Achieving true diversity is a slow and messy process. But, I truly believe that this is our best chance of achieving that change in the near future. Sadly, it is not enough for us to produce open-minded and fair content week in week out, and hope that this will attract that wide, diverse group of writers we so desperately need. The Gryphon has to make the concerted effort to reach out, to talk to people, and to listen. That is our responsibility.

We live in a digital age, in a time where everyone and anyone can post something online and have their voice heard. So if The Gryphon is going to flourish, then it has to start paying closer attention. We will let people know what an amazing opportunity we can offer. We will create a newspaper that represents everybody. We will ensure the relevance of our beloved paper. With a small change, we can end up making a big difference.

James Candler, running for Gryphon Editor.

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