Campus Watch: Pennsylvania student chokes frat brother to death in drunken brawl

A 20 year old University of Pennsylvania student was choked to death on the street of his university campus by one of his fraternity brothers during a drunken fight. The attack took place on Friday 3rd February at night, causing Caleb Zwieg to die of his injuries the following day.

Both Zweig and his 19 year old attacker, Brady DiStefano, were believed to have been drinking and had only been inducted into the fraternity a few months before the fatal altercation.

DiStefano has been charged with aggravated assault after a witness had to pull him off Zweig during the attack, the cause of which is still unknown. DiStefano’s charges may alter, according to the Indiana police force, if new details emerge.

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity issued their condolences to the boy’s family and friends following the news that he died from his injuries soon after being rushed to hospital.

Anna Lasok

(Image: College Magazine)

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