It doesn’t matter who you love or what you identify as – style is a universal language. Have a look at just a handful of style icons inspired and representing the LGBTQ community.

Lady Gaga

There could not be a style icon list without Lady Gaga making it on there! She is undoubtedly one of the most iconic trend setters in creating her daring and bold looks at any occasions and I cannot be the only one who cannot wait to see her outfits at her NFL Super bowl concert! Lady Gaga doesn’t follow the usual trends especially amongst Pop singers in the charts alongside her and sings about how it’s okay to be different; she’s an inspiration to many and definitely an inspiration to my dream wardrobe!


Bretman Rock

Not only is Bretman a top makeup artist and vlogger but he promotes body confidence not only in whatever style you want to have but promotes self awareness in who you are as a person and should never hide any part of your personality whether society views it as a flaw or not. Bretman produced his own fashion collection at 16 and completely owns his own style. He said his favourite trends at the moment are ‘velvet, fishnets and crop tops.’ Check out his instagram @Bretmanrock


Ashleigh Stern


Rupaul, Supermodel of the world. With an explosive new promo for the upcoming season of Drag Race, which features a cameo from Lady Gaga, the trailer was full of fashion and dazzling moments. Ru’s outfits are dazzling and show stopping. Each episode of the memsmerising show sees Ru don a fantastic new dress, inspiring for all the world to see. Supermodel of the world, you are a true style icon.



Madonna has been an LGBT advocate for almost three decades. Her fashion takes influence and inspiration from androgony and through the the exaggeration of sexuality and femininity. Above is an image taken from her 2012 MDNA World Tour. The costume is used in a rendition of ‘Vogue’. More than twenty years later, Madonna once more reimagined the song and her use of costume certainly enhanced the performance. further reminding fans and the world of her reputation as a style icon.


Mark McDougall

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