Oxley Hall to close

The university has confirmed that Oxley Hall will be sold to raise funds for new accommodation.

The University’s governing body has approved plans to sell Oxley in addition to five smaller properties ‘at some point’ and invest the funds from that sale into the development of new accommodation. The University has no current plans for when the sale will go ahead, with prospective students still being able to apply for residency next year.

The main building, Oxley House, was built in 1861 for the banker Henry Oxley. The building was acquired by the University in 1921 and became Oxley Hall residences for female students. Modern blocks were added over time.

Oxley is over 2.5 miles away from the University and 3.5 miles from the city centre. While there are bus links to the university and the centre of town, students living at the accommodation have often complained about the distance and the lack of amenities in the immediate area around the hall.

Christopher Tobin 

(Image: Pintrest)

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