Felix Leifur: In General EP

Berlin’s Dirt Crew Recordings bring us relatively unknown Icelandic producer Felix Leifur and his second EP In General – jazzy hip hop infused deep house with a rough edge.

‘Eyelids’ is the soft A-side opener, teasing you in with a deep and gradual build-up, until a piercing hi-hat cuts through. Varying moments of intensity and calm alternate as powerful vocal samples and sharp quivering high notes linger unsettlingly over the top – a textural embellishment found in almost every track. Introductions out of the way and it’s time to get into it. ‘Classy’ proves its name by centring around a free-flowing melodic hook from the classiest instrument of them all; a sax, of course. Bouncy percussion drives the track forward and this jazz house beauty elevates the mood. The title track then takes things downtempo; a broken beat gem with a deep bass line and a seductive subtlety.

‘Midwinter’ opens the B-side by sustaining the calm. Momentum’s built by hip hop beats and a simple but purposeful keyboard motif, but by halfway through we’re back to the grittiness and pace of the Side-A opener. ‘Apollo’ has to be the highlight. Unpredictable key changes wrap around a funky bassline and shaky high notes once again contrast with the smooth soulful core. Truly original and psychedelic. Then slow and steady wins the race as the oh-so-deep ‘mine’ winds things down to a halt.

Julia Connor

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