BandSoc GIAG Artists’ Showcase @ The Fenton, 10/2/17

Above the local Fenton pub, a bustling crowd gathers for Leeds University’s band soc night. Filled with a mixture of members and regular gig goers, the Fenton played host to some of the finest musicians that our uni has to offer.

Despite her obviously growing nerves, Cecilia was the first to blow the audience away with her voice. Looking like a gothic Stevie Nicks in her floaty back dress, Cecilia’s powerful voice was like a beacon calling gig goers to the Fenton, her beautiful vocals echoing around the room. Her original songs and neat guitar-work cemented Cecilia as an artist who was passionate and, above all, happy when singing her heart out. In other words, the perfect act to foreshadow a night of sheer talent.

16711644_1668123160147041_8861239186479707672_nNext to take to the stage was lad band, Muffin. You wouldn’t have thought that this was the boys’ first ever gig as they absolutely smashed it! Frontman Matt led the way with his feral dance moves and explosive voice, whilst the band thrashed along behind him. Oozing with confidence and attitude, Muffin’s first performance was quite unforgettable. If what I’ve said hasn’t convinced you to go check them out at their next gig, they also bring muffins!

After Muffin riled the crowd, Badmash were third to perform. Although their original singer couldn’t make the night, their step in vocalist still managed to perform each song to a tee. Badmash’s delicious guitar chords are what complete their ‘feel good’ vibe. Despite being quite timid at first, it wasn’t long before each member of Badmash going for it with full force.


Last but not least to take to the stage were New, Again. A simple two-piece band, the boys managed to make a lot of noise with their choppy guitar chords and pulsating drums. Yes, the crowd might have been a bit worn out at this point, but New, Again managed to fuel the Fenton’s fire for one last time, ending bandsoc’s night with one hell of a bang!

Words & Images by Sarah Oglesby

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