ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 2017 Beauty Releases

NYX Total Control Foundation

Not only will this foundation allow you to have total control over your coverage due to its dropper applicator, it will also be available in 24 different shades. Therefore, people of different preferences and colour will be able to customise their perfect base at an affordable price. (available in boots early 2017)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

On Valentine’s Day Anastasia Beverly Hills added 5 new liquid lipsticks to her pre-existing collection, including her first ever green lipstick. This announcement is especially exciting as ABH now have an import tax free UK website offering free delivery! (will be available on the Anastasia website)

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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

Similarly, yet more affordably, Maybelline will also be adding a range of new colours to their liquid lipstick collection. But unlike their previous release, they’ve included bold and original colours, differentiating them from their other drugstore competitors. (soon available in boots and superdrug)

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Zoeva Eyebrow Collection

Earlier this year Zoeva came out with a complete eyebrow collection and like prior releases the brand is continuing to offer a high end quality product at an affordable price, making it the perfect brand for students. (available on the Zoeva Website)

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Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

As part of their Valentine’s collection Too Faced and Kat Von D have teamed up to bring us this exclusive collaboration who perfectly embodies everyone’s two makeup moods. The Too Faced side offering a more natural and flirty look whilst Kat Von D’s is bold and dramatic. (already available on the too faced website)

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Sally Galula

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