Campus Watch: Cambridge student burns cash in front of homeless man

A member of the prestigious Cambridge University Conservation Association has been expelled from the organisation after he was filmed burning a £20 note in front of a homeless person.

The Pembroke College student was dressed smartly in bowtie and tails, using a cigarette lighter to burn the money.

The footage was shared on Snapchat. The video captured a homeless man standing outside a clothing shop in Cambridge city centre. After burning the money, the student says “some homeless shelter.”

The Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) said the student had been expelled, and “his membership was revoked immediately after the news came to the committee’s attention. This was on the basis that there is absolutely no place for people who behave like this in our association. That said, he was not acting in the capacity of a CUCA member, nor was he attending, or had attended, a CUCA event.

The mother of the student in the video, expressed how her son’s behaviour “[was] completely out of character” and that “he [had done] two years of volunteering at Stockbridge homeless shop in Edinburgh when he was still at school.”

Amy Crawford


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