Campus Watch: The philosophical force behind Star Wars

On May 4th this year, the inner workings of the force will be able to be explored at the University of Glasgow in a new day-long course entitled ‘Destiny, Justice and Metaphysics of the Force’.

The short course for those interested in the concept behind the famous film franchise will enable students to channel their inner philosophical force and investigate morality and, according to the course organizer Dr John Donaldson, how the actions of the Jedi are ‘not entirely free’.

According to Dr Donaldson, students will be able to study the metaphysics behind the force, how it controls those who follow it and how it can impact moral responsibility.

The event is open to members of the public as well as students of the university, and is anticipated to bring in many interested, curious and philosophical Star Wars fans.

Anna Lasok

(Image: Forbes)

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