Campus Watch: University of Gary Neville

The ‘class of ‘92’ plan a sports-focused university.

Gary Neville, the ex-Manchester United footballer turned TV commentator, is in talks to open a new university with brother Phil as well as Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, also ex United players. The Manchester Evening News revealed that Neville has linked up with Lancaster University to look into opening a site in Greater Manchester.

The planned university would specialise in sports studies offering courses in physiology, sports management and media. The University could offer places for up to 5,000 students and offer a halls of residence. No exact plans have been set but extensive talks have been had. No sites have been chosen as of yet.

A spokesman for Lancaster University said to the Manchester Evening News that they “can confirm that we are discussing this project with Gary Neville, but we are still evaluating its feasibility and no decision has yet been made to proceed or otherwise.”

Neville has previously shown interest in aiding Manchester’s development with the plans for the University following his bid to add skyscrapers to Manchester’s city centre skyline.

Christopher Tobin

(Image: Daily Mail)

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