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Super Bowl has graced us with an in-depth look at the second season of Stranger Things, arriving to Netflix this Halloween. As a super-fan of the show I could speculate all day, but I’m here to remind you about the first season, and see how the second will stack up.

The first season followed the adventures of friends, going to school and playing D&D, only to get wrapped up in government experiments, parallel worlds and a girl, eleven. Now a lot of people think the show is just a nostalgia fest, as its set in the 80’s. Now I cannot relate to this, like so many others and still thoroughly enjoyed it despite its similarities to films like E.T. It builds its own incredibly interesting world, and the shot of the giant monster-thingy from season two has us all on a cliffhanger. if a show that did so much crazy shit already can do that, you know the world is well built. Season two thus feels like something much worse is coming our way, and the kids can’t deal with that alone, so it’ll be interesting to see how the government gets involved again.

One other thing of note is how good season  one’s performances were, especially from the younger actors, Millie Bobby Brown in particular. So I really hope the same can be said for season two, with rumours she is returning Luke Skywalker style I’m sure it can be.

It was interesting how season in season one – only eight episodes, presented and answered so many questions. Now the recent trailer certainly raises more questions, but it seems like some will be answered, like Will’s infection/powers. Which is exactly what we want. We can guess the upside-down will be central again, but even then, how? The show never reveals too, much but doesn’t keep you in the dark for too long either.

The setting for Stranger Things is what drew most people in, but when you watch it you realize its originality, it brings you back to your Netflix Binge fest. The characters, the world and the mysterious plot are accompanied by an amazing visual style that seems to have 80’s inspiration but its own flair too. And it only seems like season 2 will carry on this trend.

As I’ve alluded to before, Stranger Things has multiple levels; the kids, their families, the police and the government. All these sub plots culminate with the upside-down, and after season 1’s ending, it’ll be interesting to see how these elements interact again. It will be difficult to top last season but I think it can be done. It needs to be fresh enough but within the rules the universe has set, for the characters and the monsters.

So yes I’m excited! Halloween is too far for me to know just what in the hell is going on!

Will Nelson

(Image: BrunchNews)

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