ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Upcycle your way to a fashion forward, budget boosting New Year

It can be tough being a fabulous fashionista. We are constantly invited by wonderful window displays to spend money we don’t have on funky fabrics and glitzy garments. How can we possibly keep up with the latest trends whilst still being able to afford our next meal?

Introducing the alternative sustainable, affordable fashion: Upcycling.

Refashioning old clothes is a great way to get creative and produce original items, as well as saving a bit of cash (and the environment!) Here are a few tips to get you started, whilst keeping to the 2017 emerging catwalk trends.

Frivolous Fringing

As seen on the catwalk for Marchesa, Ralph Lauren and Valentino’s collections, fringe is being used in a variety of ways this season, proving it’s versatile quality. There’s lots of ways you can be creative with this trend and incorporate an element of fluidity into your wardrobe.

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If you’ve got an old pair of jeans lying around, or a funky but faded graphic tee, why not simply cut away parts of the fabric to leave a fringe-like finish. Or, alternatively, strips of fringe can be found in craft shops (such as Hobby Craft and Fred Aldous Ltd), which can be sewn onto the edges of clothing for a more indulgent look.

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Embroidered Embellishments

Frequently appearing in high street shops as well as on the runway, it seems 2017 can’t get enough of embroidered clothing, adding depth and character to a simple garment.

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Although slightly more time consuming, embroidering floral patterns onto blouses, jeans and even jackets can be a great way to switch off and take some time out from studying, as well as creating a mini masterpiece. We recommend using Anchor Stranded Cotton Thread for a slightly shimmery finish.

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Good Ol’ Fashioned Tie-Dye

Probably the most go- to up cycle method. Tie-dye never gets old and surprises you every time! Recently seen on the catwalk for Off-White’s sports collection, we’re given the go ahead to spend Saturday afternoons injecting colour into our wardrobe rejects.

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Dazzling Sequins

Disco diva vibes radiated from Giamba, Blumarine and Valentino on the runway and other designers such as Cavalli, Dolce & Gabanna and Versace can’t seem to get enough of glitzy sequins either.

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Transform yourself into a human glitter ball and cover yourself in sequins of all sizes, shapes and colours. Or for a more subtle and sophisticated look, embellish denim jacket shoulders, blouse cuffs and jean pockets.

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Pom Poms Galore

Although they haven’t made a huge appearance on the catwalk recently, can we really ever have enough pom poms? If you’re wanting to promote positive vibes through the clothes you wear, these colourful gems are the way to go. Either purchase the pom poms from a craft store or have a go at making them yourself. The more colours the better.

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So dig out those old jeans hiding at the back of your wardrobe, turn that faded frock into something magical and get upcycling! 

Darla Dryland

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