An Interview with Fleetmac Wood

In 2012, Fleetmac Wood began a project of showcasing everything Fleetwood Mac had to offer. Now in 2017 for the 40th anniversary of the iconic ‘Rumours’, they are coming to Belgrave Music Hall to give everyone a Rumours Rave, so I had a lovely chat with Alex and Lisa from Fleetmac Wood in advance of the event.

Rumours has to be one of the most influential albums of all time, with one in six households in the US owing a copy and remaining in the UK charts for a grand total of 665 weeks. It has been a soundtrack of so many people’s lives for so many generations. Alex and Lisa describe the album as “a gateway drug for new fans”.

The album is so regularly put on, whatever time of day, it can be perfect to wake up to while you are walking to lectures and can be the perfect album to help you get to sleep at night. What can we expect from the event? “We wanted to showcase the diversity of Rumours”. “The aim of the night is not for you to be nostalgic, but for you to really dance with like-minded people”. Lisa further adds: “I want the audience to really feel like they are inside the music and part of the band”.

Having been working on this project for five years, Fleetmac Wood are beyond excited to showcase their craft. Alex is no stranger to this neck of the woods. “Growing up in Yorkshire and going to techno and breakbeat clubs in Leeds was an early inspiration”. Lisa also has been heavily influenced by underground dance music, as she recalls “going to raves in Australia from a young age and attending festivals ever since”.

As I talked to them about club culture, Alex and Lisa tell me how they take great stimulus from today’s artists. Artists such as Caribou (aka Daphni), Four Tet and John Talabot. Their reasoning behind choosing Belgrave carries on from this, as they have seen the likes of Floating Points perform here before, and believe the venue will be able to harness this balance between genres which will be exhibited.

When we were discussing current up and coming artists, Alex and Lisa believe it is difficult for a band like Fleetwood Mac to emerge again. “People are more distracted by technology and social media and as a result have less inclination and patience to really master an instrument”. They add how the music industry has changed drastically since the 1970s, “the financial pressures we face now reduce the freedom and available time for an emerging artist to hone their craft”. However, the “developments in digital music production has allowed for amazing talents from all backgrounds to arise in the music industry… this scene is still remaining very progressive”.

Fleetmac Wood presents a Rumours rave at Belgrave Music Hall on 3rd March. It will be full of 70s synths, thumping dance beats and the declaration of the best Fleetwood Mac have to offer.

Remaining tickets are available over on RA.

Owen Ellicott

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