Campus Watch: Kim Jong Un’s nephew refuses Oxford place fearing assassination by his own uncle

The nephew of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has refused a place at an Oxford college fearing assassination by his uncle’s hitmen, it has been claimed.

It seems that the allure of the prestigious institution and the prospect of a reunion with his girlfriend (reportedly already studying in Oxford) cannot outweigh Kim Han Sol’s fear of danger.

Although there have been concerns for his safety for some time, they were heightened by the alleged assassination of Han Sol’s father – and Kim Jong Un’s half brother – in a Malaysian airport last week.

Chinese security officials had already warned the 21-year-old that his uncle may make an attempt upon his life in order to eliminate his family’s bloodline and thus its threat to Kim’s leadership. In the event of a power shift, Han Sol had been viewed as a potential replacement ruler.

Although the North Korean regime has denied foul play in Kim Jong Nam’s untimely demise, it wouldn’t seem out of the question for the leader who notoriously executed his own uncle on a charge of treason back in 2013.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Han Sol is now living under armed protection with his mother and sister in the Chinese province of Macau.

Sarah Berry

(Image: Alchetron)

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