Now That The Light Is Fading by Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers’ painfully short EP of five songs is an unforgettable debut, showcasing songs which would be at home both on a relaxed Sunday morning and out at a club. Infusing pop with elements of R&B, dance and sporadic sounds of nature, Roger’s has created a completely unique collection of songs.

Growing up in Maryland Rogers was consumed by folk music and the banjo, recording albums in a studio of her own making. It was not until later in life that her horizons were opened to dance music whilst on a year abroad in France. This revelation changed Rogers’ sound, fusing her new found love of dance with folk past in her first single ‘Alaska’, which is featured on her EP. This hypnotising song was written in just fifteen minutes for a NYU master class with Pharrell Williams, the video of which shows Williams stunned with absolutely no notes.

It is almost impossible to compare Rogers’ music with anything else around today. Her use of natural soundscapes with the backbone of dance music is a creative triumph. This is particularly visible in ‘Color Song’ where Rogers harmonises with herself to the accompaniment of grasshoppers. Even in the upbeat, electronic peak of ‘One + Off’ there are still random sounds of grass rustling in the breeze.

The EP flows to a calm end through ‘Better’, an understated song which revolves around simple lyrics and beats, with the odd bird song chucked in for good measure. Maggie Rogers is one to watch, having already sold out her first two London shows in February.

This small EP only hints at the genius still to come.

Jenny Pudney

(Image: Life in Sound)

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