The reality of being a committee member

It is no secret that being a committee member for a university society is a great achievement and, most of the time, a lot of fun. I say most of the time because there are a number of people, both at the forefront and behind the scenes, that allow for the society you adore to run like clockwork. Often society members do not realize how much hard work is put in and how many tireless hours are spent by committee members in running the society. I know I was guilty of it when I was a fresher. Unfortunately, we cannot foresee the future and no matter how much planning and organizing takes place, no one can tell if everyone will deliver on his or her roles within committee.

As a member of the executive committee for a sports club at university, I know the trials and tribulations that occur when running a society/club. What I did not know is that being on a committee entails endless stressful group chats that we all share to make sure everything is plain sailing, not to mention the hectic running around to sort things out that might have been forgotten last minute. Although, the reality is that these hiccups experienced are what make the team more cohesive, allowing everyone to work out and manage any problems. The other committee members become your best friends and worst enemies, challenging, motivating and supporting you.

On the whole, being a committee member is a great opportunity, both to grow as a person, but of course, an extra achievement to add to your CV. I know that when I complain to my housemates about things that need to be done, their reply is always the same, “At least it is something you can put on your CV,” to which I usually respond with some sarcastic comment about not needing it on my CV. The truth is that being on the committee is not just about personal gain and popularity, it is a chance for us to make things better within the society and to improve things so that all the elements of the society are at their best, making the society more enjoyable for you. Furthermore, the authority one gets allows us to voice our concerns and introduce new aspects, such as larger charity events and more social elements.

If you think a society that you are part of could be changed for the better then why not try out for committee? It may seem like an intimidating prospect, but the support you’ll receive from the previous committee and the memories you’ll make with your fellow committee members will make the experience all the worthwhile. It is ultimately your choice, but just remember, at the end of the day if you are passionate about your society then you will enjoy being a committee member no matter what.

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