Underrated Television Romance

If you’re put off the idea of TV romance by an episode of How I Met Your Mother or Vampire Diaries, don’t worry, there’s plenty more on screen romance that’s a lot more genuine and easier to stomach. So grab your signifcant other (whether that be a human or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s) and get stuck in…


This hilarious Channel 4 show written by the incredible Pheobe Waller-Bridge follows the chaos and confusion that six twenty-somethings grapple with while living in a disused hospital. This could be a modern day version of Friends, only with far more foul-mouthed, frank, and less delusional characters. Waller-Bridge perfectly captures each character’s insecurities that may not make them very likeable. but certainly make them a lot more humane. The situations these characters get into are so uncomfortably hilarious, yet so real, you will definitely find yourself wanting more and finishing this one in a single sitting.

You’re the Worst

FXX’s You’re the Worst is the perfect example of a modern day love story minus the over the top emotions or bucket-loads of sappy dialogue. Two awkward and self-destructive people find themselves falling in love with each other, and have no idea how to deal or display these new set feelings they never knew existed in them. It is an absolute delight to see Jimmy, a self-obsessed novelist and Gretchen, a clinically depressed PR executive coming to terms with these feelings and navigating their way through them.


This Netflix Original by Judd Apatow who made films like Knocked Up, Trainwreck and The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, certainly did not get the attention it deserved. The series is a heartfelt attempt at exploring romantic relationships and unconventional subjects, such as addiction. This is not your classic love story between two beautiful people falling for each other, but one where both protagonists are fighting their own demons while attempting to stay relevant in the dating scene. A light hearted comedy this one is surely going to give you some hope if you are still on the lookout.


Another great series by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and probably the best new dramedy of the year, Fleabag should  be at the top of everyone’s list of shows to watch. The humour is clever and sharp. but the plot is the star here. Waller-Bridge plays a broken women dealing with the death of her best friend and trying to make it in London. The narrative is so skillfully layered that you will find yourself laughing out loud at the most ridiculous scenarios in the tragic, yet troubled lives of the characters instead of sympathising with them. Watch this for Waller-Bridge’s witty soliloquies and Olivia Coleman’s perfect act as a godmother turned horrific stepmother.

Please Like Me

This Australian dramedy is a fresh take on relationship dynamics. After being dumped by his girlfriend who suspects him of being gay, Josh gradually starts to embrace his sexuality. It beautifully documents Josh’s struggles with his troubled family, love and social life. It has a little bit of everything from a suicidal mother, depression to homophobia. However all this is incorporated so effortlessly into Josh’s life that nothing feels over the top. A four-season-long saga is enough to give you lessons that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Catastrophe is your typical ‘boy meets girl and love follows’, except there is an added dimension of an accidental pregnancy. Josh and Sharon, after a weekend of casual fun, return to their normal lives only to find out that Sharon is pregnant. The disastrous turn of events that follows is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. What works for the show is the brilliant chemistry between the leads. Following the couple as the cope with a baby on the way while trying to develop feelings for one another, Catastrophe hits all the right notes for a good love story with just the right amount of quirk and uniqueness.

Nishta Mital

(Image: Gillian Bissonnette)

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