Police warn of deadly drugs in Leeds

West Yorkshire Police have issued a warning over a potentially lethal strain of heroin discovered in the Leeds area.

A batch of the illegal Class-A opiate reported to police could be strong enough to kill. Police are telling drug users to dispose of any heroine purchased recently to avoid fatalities. It is thought the lethal strain could have been in circulation for weeks already.

Detective Inspector Paul Hobson of West Yorkshire Police stated:

“We would urge anyone who has recently purchased this substance in the Leeds area to dispose of it, as it is possible it is a potentially fatal strain of the drug.

Although drug users think they know what they are taking – this isn’t always the case.

We work closely with our partners to make communities of West Yorkshire safer places to live and work.

The police will always encourage drug users to seek help from the number of drug treatment agencies that operate throughout West Yorkshire.”

The warning is particularly relevant to students at Leeds. Leeds University has had a troubling association with drugs after a 2013 survey found that more than 8 out of 10 students had used illicit substances.

The University encourages drug users to contact the Community Drugs Treatment Services (CDTS), The Market Place or FRANK to get confidential advice, support or counselling.

Euan Hammond

(Image: Mirror)

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