Preview: Romare @ Headrow House, 4/3/17

On Saturday 4th March, Romare will bring his unique sound to Headrow House to play a sold out gig. If this wasn’t enough already, he’s also bringing along a full live band.

He studied African American Visual Culture at University, and the influence that this has had on him can be clearly seen in the music that he creates. Stylistically, he was inspired by his namesake, the Afro-American artist Romare Bearden, who uses a collage like approach when creating his artwork. This is reflected in Romare’s production as he cuts and pastes together samples, bass lines and percussion and mixes this with historical African American influences to create glorious tracks.

After seeing him DJ at The Ninja Tune Warehouse Project back in October, it’ll be exciting to see how his music translates into a live show, and everyone at Headrow House next weekend is in for a sure treat.

Polly Hatcher

(Image: Stealth)

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